Release Notes Version 1.5.0

We just released version 1.5.0 of the 22 Dividends app for Android and iOS.  It comes with a completely redesigned overview page, several bug fixes, and smaller improvements.

The new overview page.

The new overview page has three new charts: (i) a 12 month average cashflow chart, (ii) a monthly buy/sell volume chart, and (iii) a portfolio composition pie chart. It allows you to better track the development of your portfolio over time.


12 Month Average Dividend Income Chart

This charts depicts your monthly income as bars. Moreover, it computes the trailing 12 month average income: how much dividends you received during the previous 12 months. You can select a certain year to visualise historic data.

The TTM (Trailing Twelve Month) option shows the previous 12 months.

The new 12 month average dividend income chart.

Monthly Buy/Sell Volume Chart

This chart aggregates your buy and sell transactions for each month. Buy transactions are visualised in green and sell transactions in red. Similar to the income chart you can select past years.

The new buy/sell volume chart.

Portfolio Composition Pie Chart

The portfolio composition chart depicts a pie chart of the stocks in your portfolio.

The new portfolio composition chart.


Exporter Bug

There was a bug in the exporter that prevented the transactions from being exported to Google Sheets.

Chart Update Bug

We fixed a bug that prevented some stock charts from being updated properly.


We updated many technical details.


Release Notes Version 1.4.0

Version 1.4.0 is a mayor update that brings many improvements like a new color theme and a redesign of the portfolio screen with dedicated views for “Cash Flow” and “Value Gain”. We also improved the performance and fixed several bugs. Here is an overview:


New Design

We changed the color theme of the app. We no longer support a separate dark and light themes. To be honest, the old dark theme was not very appealing. If there is a demand for it we might introduce a new dark theme in the future. Currently, we want to focus on one theme only.

New Portfolio Screen

The portfolio screen is the central place of the app where you get an overview of the stock positions in your portfolio. Instead of having one complex view we split-up the old view into two new views.

The new portfolio screen of the 22 Dividends app.
  • Value Gain View: The value gain view highlights several important value related to the share price and the value appreciation of your stock position. See below for more details.
  • Cash Flow View: The cash flow view shows values related to the dividend payments you receive by a company. See below for more details.

Value Gain View

The value gain view is designed to provide you a compact of the value appreciation of the stock positions in your portfolio.

  • Value Gain: The amount of money you gained or lost since you purchased the shares. The green or red triangles indicate a winning or a loosing position.
  • Value Gain (%): The ratio between the value increase or decrease of your stock position in relation to the average purchasing value. It is the same value as “Value Gain” just expressed as percentage.
  • Avg. Share Price: The average price per share you payed for your position. It is computed across all transactions for a stock in your portfolio.
  • Mkt. Price: The current price per share at the stock exchange. So, you can easily see where the shares currently trade in comparison to your average share price.
  • 52 Week Min/Max: The 52 week min/max bar shows you the current price per share in relation to the minimum and maximum share price during the previous 52 weeks. It helps you to spot buying opportunities and also reduces possible distractions by the daily volatility in the stock market.

Cash Flow View

The “Cash Flow” view of the portfolio screen visualizes values that help you to evaluate how well your stock position is doing or whether there is a buying opportunity.

The new Cash Flow view of the portfolio screen.
  • Cash Flow: The aggregated annual dividends payed by the stock position in currency (e.g. US Dollar).
  • YOC: The “Yield on Cost” is the ratio between the annual dividends and the purchasing price of the shares. It is expressed in percent. You could say it is the percentage of your initially invested money that you get back each year by dividend payments.
  • Avg. Start Yield: Well run companies increase their dividend payments regularly. Thus, the YOC increases over time without doing anything – just holding the shares. The “Average Start Yield” is the average YOC of each share at the point in time when you bought them. The difference between the current YOC and the Average Start Yield shows you the dividend increases or decreases since you bought the shares.
  • Mkt. Yield: The Market Yield field depicts the current dividend yield if you bought shares now.

Dividend Watch

One new handy feature of the 22 Dividends app is the so called “Dividend Watch”. It visualizes the time between the previous and the next pay days.

The new Dividend Watch.

The blue point indicates today in relation to the next upcoming ex and pay days. The center shows a countdown in days until the next pay day. If the next pay day is not yet known the app will estimate it from the previous pay days. The dividend watch provides you a visual overview of the upcoming payments and dividend ex-dates.

New Welcome Screen

We have a new welcome screen that is shown during the first start-up of the app. It improves the on-boarding of the user and explains what the app can do and is not intended to do. It also requires the user to accept the Terms of Use as well as the Privacy Policy in order to use the app.

The new welcome screen.


Splits did not affect dividend payments

There was a bug in the calculation of history dividend payments. The bug affected stocks with share splits. The splits were not applied properly to the dividends.

Internal Data Management

We fixed a bug in the internal data management. It made the app request too much data that was actually not required.


There were several other small issues we fixed or improved.

The 22 Dividends app is available for:

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Release Notes Version 1.3.2

Version 1.3.2 is a minor release that adapts the 22 Dividends app’s help page to the latest changes.


Help Page

Lately, we create a Facebook group, uploaded tutorials to Youtube, and extended the help available on the homepage. Now, the app’s help page directly refers to those three sources and makes the access easier.

We hope the new sources help you in making the most of the 22 Dividends app.

The 22 Dividends app is available for:


Release Notes Version 1.3.1

We just released version 1.3.1 of the 22 Dividends app for iOS and Android. The version fixes a crash in Android and brings many technical upgrades.


App Rating

We incorporated a dialog that allows you to rate the 22 Dividends app. Please help us with your feedback. We are open to incorporate your suggestions to improve the app. You can also contact us via mail or in our Facebook group.

Minimum Version (Android)

The minimum version of Android for the 22 Dividends app is now 5.0 (API level 21). The change was necessary because same functionality is only available starting with this Android version.

Help Page Link

We updated the link to the help page. Beside the FAQ you can now find tutorials articles an Youtube videos.


There was a bug in the code that updated dividend alarms that could crash the app under Android. This could happen during import from Google Sheets or during refresh of stock data. This problem does not happen anymore.

The next version will bring larger changes.

The 22 Dividends app is available for:

Social Media

Youtube Channel Online

We now have an own Youtube channel for the 22 Dividends app. On this channel we will publish tutorials for the 22 Dividends app and other videos about dividend investing in general.

Here is our first tutorial about importing stock transactions from Google Sheets into the app.

Social Media

New Facebook Group

We have a new Facebook group called “22 Dividend Investors” where we can support each other on our journeys towards financial freedom.

Moreover, we will answer questions regarding the 22 Dividends app.

Facebook Group: 22 Dividend Investors

See you there!


Release Notes Version 1.3.0

We just released version 1.3.0 of the 22 Dividends app for iOS and Android. It comes with a new calendar that visualizes your yearly dividend payments. Moreover, we improved the visualization of empty stock positions in the portfolio view. Finally, we also improved the technical infrastructure of the app.


Dividend Calendar

The new dividend calendar provides you an elegant overview of your yearly dividend payments by month and stock. For each stock and month you have a summary cell that shows you the total received dividends. The calendar visualizes past years and also predicts the upcoming year.

The new dividend calendar.

The dividend prediction uses the latest known dividend payment and the current amount of stocks to predict future cash flows. Dividend increases are currently not predicted.

Empty Stock Positions

In the previous versions stock positions without shares were visualized like positions with shares. The only difference was that all values were zero. Now, we have a more compact visualization that helps you to recognize such positions faster:

The new visualization of empty stock positions.

Why do we need empty positions? Well, in order to add buy or sell transactions to a stock we need a position. If you don’t need an empty position anymore (e.g. you closed it) you can just delete it. The transaction history for this stock will not be touched.

Delete Position Dialog

The previous dialog for deleting an empty position was confusing. The new dialog looks as follows:

Improved delete empty transaction dialog.


In this release we updated several external dependencies and refactored existing code.

We hope you enjoy the improvements!

The 22 Dividends app is available for:


Release Notes Version 1.2.0

We are happy to announce that version 1.2.0 of the 22 Dividend app has been released. The new version fixes several bugs and also introduces a new feature.


Share Splits

The 22 Dividends app now supports share splits. It offers two different modes:

  • semi-automatic: The app recognizes share splits during the refresh of stock data. After the split ex-date the app will open a split dialog where the split ratio and the possible affected stock transactions are pre-selected (see below). You can refine, apply, or discard the changes. In the case you discard the changes you can also apply them later manually.
  • manual: Every stock card has now a menu entry “Split shares…”. You can use the menu in case the app did not recognize a split or something went wrong and you want to undo it.

Manual share split menu:

The new “Split shares…” menu.

The split dialog:

The dialog allows you to specify the split ratio. You can also apply reverse-splits. After you defined the split ratio you can select transactions that will be affected: the app updates the price per share and the number of shares according to the ratio. The new values are displayed as preview as soon as you tick the checkbox.

The new split dialog.

If you are in the semi-automatic mode the split ratio as well as the transactions will be pre-selected according to the split date.

After a split you have to refresh the data.

Bug Fixes

Stock position creation/deletion

The app keeps track of your current stock positions as well as historic (closed) positions. If you edit a transaction the entire position might switch from open to closed and vice versa. There were several issues in the management of the open/closed state as well as in the deletion of stock positions.

We also updated the text of delete position and delete history dialogs.

Pay day and ex day alarms

There was a bug where the alarm date of a dividend ex event was displayed as ex-date.

Dividend ex alarms are now scheduled on the latest business day before the ex-date.

The dividend amount of a pay day was not properly displayed in the alarm heading (e.g. 0.0).


We fixed the computation of the profit/loss value for closed stock positions (history). Transaction costs are now considered.

We fixed a bug in the computation of the average share price in the transaction screen. The bug happened during partial sells of stock positions and caused a wrong average share price line.


In iOS we had user credentials and access rights to Google Sheets were not remembered properly. This should no longer happen.

In iOS, it could also happen that the second import/export got stuck at the result screen. This problem is fixed.


The share button of the cash flow chart now shows a busy indicator during the generation of the screenshot. Especially for large diagrams this might take some seconds.

We hope you benefit from the improvements!

The 22 Dividends app is available for:


Initial Release

Today, we are proud to announce that we have published the initial version of the 22 Dividends app for Android and iOS.