Tutorial: Export Stock Transactions to Google Sheets

You manage your stock transactions with the 22 Dividends app and want to create a backup or use the transaction data in a different way? There is a solution: the export to Google Sheets.

The transaction exporter creates a new Google Sheets spreadsheet in your account and saves the data similar to the spreadsheet format of the importer (see Import Stock Transactions from Google Sheets).

Export tutorial on Youtube.

Let’s start:

Assumption: We assume that you already have stocks with buy/sell transactions in your portfolio.

  1. Open the menu drawer by clicking in the upper left corner or swiping from left to right
  2. Now, open the “Export…” menu.
The export menu.
  1. Select “Export to Google Sheets”
The menu for exporting your stock transactions to Google Sheets.
  1. Sign-in to your Google account using your credentials.
  2. You can change the name of the exported spreadsheet.
Name the target spreadsheet.

Hint: The app always creates a new spreadsheet. So, you can’t loose data by overwriting an existing one. From time to time you should delete no longer required outdated spreadsheets.

  1. After the spreadsheet has been created you will see a result screen that allows you to copy or share the URL of the spreadsheet or share the URL.
  1. The spreadsheet has the same columns as the import template (see Import Stock Transactions from Google Sheets).
Example exported stock transactions.

Hint: You can edit the exported transactions and re-import the into the app.