Sources for Dividend Investors

The 22 Dividends app is made for managing your dividend portfolio. In the following, we introduce research tools and other sources for finding new dividend stocks for your portfolio. Moreover, we show how to


Ian Lopuch has more than 20 years of experience as dividend investor in the stock market. He is a family father and works as commercial real estate developer. Ian’s Youtube channel offers countless valuable videos on dividend investing in general and on the US stock market. You can find him here:

2. David Fish List

In 2007, David Fish started to compile and publish a list of US dividend stocks with the longest dividend payment track records. The list contains also information about fundamentals and dividend growths. The data is available as Excel sheet and can be downloaded for earch month since 2007. David Fish died in 2018 but the list is now maintained by Justin Law.

3. FAST Graphs

Having clean stock data and tools for rapidly analyzing and visualizing companies is very important for stock pickers. FAST Graphs is a Web site and tool for analysing the fundamentals of stocks. Jack Carnival, on of the founders of FAST Graphs, also has a Youtube channel where he analyzes dividend stocks using the FAST Graphs tool.