Release Notes Version 1.7.0


New Stock Exchanges

We added following two new US stock exchanges:

Symbol (MIC)Name
XNMSNASDAQ Global Market
XNCMNASDAQ Capital Market
New supported stock exchanges.

Moreover, the app also lists publicly listed Limited Partnerships (LPs).

Reactivated History View

Upon request we reactivated the history view that was replaced in version 1.6.0 by the transaction browser. It can now be opened using the page selection menu:

You can open the history view now via the page menu.

The history view is now read-only. Transactions can be added/deleted/edited via the portfolio view or the transaction browser.

Special Dividends

We improved the handling of special dividends. Following changes were made:

Pay Days Page. The ‘Pay Days’ page now highlights special dividend payments:

GBL normal and special dividend payments.

Calendar. The calendar view now shows special dividend payments:

Normal and special dividend payment for GBL in June.

Moreover, the calendar depicts special and normal dividend payments separately in the payment cell. The summary cells aggregate all payments.

Redesign Shopping List View

Some users want to track stocks without holding any shares. For this user group we added the dividend watch to the shopping list view:

Shopping list entries now show the dividend watch.

Added Shopping List Entries to Pay Day Page

The ‘Pay Days’ page now also shows dividend events for shopping list entries:

Dividend events are now also shown for shopping list entries.



There was a bug in the year filter of the transaction browser when the last transaction of the selected year was deleted.

Dividend Payment Prediction

There was a bug on the ‘Calendar’ page where the future payment months were not computed correctly.

The 22 Dividends app is available for:

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