The dividend calendar breaks down your portfolio’s cashflow per stock and month for a selected year.

Each row represents a stock in your portfolio and the columns the months of a selected year.

The summary column and rows aggregate the received dividends for a certain month or stock.

The calendar also predicts payments for the current year based on the portfolio.

Remember: the dividend ex-date is the first date the buyer of a company’s shares is no longer entitled to the upcoming dividend payment of that company. Shares have to be bought before the ex-date in order to receive the dividend.

Confirmed Payment

A dividend payment is confirmed when the day before the dividend ex-date is in the past. A confirmed dividend payment is rendered as solid black. The user is entitled to the payment no matter what or already received it. The app calculates the dividend amount based on the number of shares hold on the day before the ex-date at 11:59:59 pm.

Predicted Payment

A dividend payment is predicted when its ex-date is in the future. A predicted dividend value gets rendered as gray italic. The user is not yet entitled to the payment. For example, the user might still sell the shares, etc.The app uses the current number of shares to predict the payment value.

Payment Summary

Moreover, while computing the sum of a row or column of the calendar one predicted value makes the sum of the entire row or column “predicted”. Otherwise, the sum counts as confirmed.If you close a position (e.g. sell all shares) all predicted values of that position should disappear because there is nothing to predict anymore.