The costs page visualizes the transaction costs of your portfolio.

The costs page.

App Bar

The app bar of the costs page.

Following buttons are available:

  • Toggle Details: Toggles between the stock names and stock symbols. Stock symbols are more compact.
  • Time Span: Select the time span for analyzing the costs. You can select an individual year or all-time.

Costs Summary

The upper part of the page summarizes the selected time range.

Summary of the selected time-span.

Following values are calculated:

  • #Transactions: Number of transactions in the selected time-span.
  • Total Costs: Total amount of transaction costs in currency.
  • Avg. Trans. Size: The average transaction size (number of shares times price per share) in the selected time span.
  • Avg. Trans. Cost: The average transaction cost you payed for each transaction in the selected time-span.


The main part of the costs pages shows you a ranking of the transaction costs per stock position in the selected time-span.

Ranking of transaction costs.

For each stock position in the selected time-span the app calculates the total transaction costs in relation to the total transaction volume.

The values are visualized in percentage or as absolute numbers.

For example, in the figure above the transaction costs for MMM were 0.53% compared to the total transaction size of MMM in the selected period.

You can use the buttons Absolute and Relative to switch between absolute and relative numbers.