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The portfolio tracker for dividend investors!

Tired of tracking your portfolio with Excel?
Track your Yield on Cost and Value Appreciation.

Do you track your Yield on Cost (YOC)?

The Yield on Cost metric is an indicator of how well your investment is performing in terms of generating dividend income.

It measures the dividend growths of your stock over time.

Calculating the YOC manually in Excel is possible but very cumbersome.

The 22 Dividends app calculates the YOC of all of your stock positions.

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Everything in one App

The app you wish your broker provided you.

Total Yield

The 22 Dividends app calculates the combined dividend yield and value gain performance.


The app generates detailed reports for your portfolio and individual stock positions. How much dividends did you receive all-time? What is your annual compound performance?

Dividend Alarms

Never miss upcoming dividend payments and dividend ex-dates again.


Import/export your stock transactions from/to Google Sheets. Thus, you can back-up your data or import already existing data from an Excel.


The dividend calendar shows you an overview of the cashflow for each stock and month of the year. Future values are predicted.


Your privacy is important for use. Your data is stored on your device.

"Very useful and practical."
A. A.
Android User
"This app does what no other app does and it does it well. I’m thrilled because manually calculating total yields on dividend stocks is tedious and time consuming. But total yield is a fundamental feature of dividend stocks."
iOS User
"The most useful dividend tracker I have used. It will keep track of Yield on Cost, which is not usual for other apps. Many other valuable functions. Now you can save your data online and use on multiple devices."
Android User

More than a tool

The 22 Dividends app is the tool that helps you to analyze your portfolio and monitor your cashflow.

On your journey you will face ups and downs. The 22 Dividends Community is the place where you can meet like-minded people that support each.

You will also require the knowledge that prepares you for your journey. In the 22 Dividends Academy we present you books, courses, and other material that brings you up to speed.

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