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https://openclipart.org/image/400px/312459The 22 Dividends app is a portfolio tracker for dividend investors. It notifies you about upcoming dividend ex- and paydays, provides a dividend calendar for your portfolio, and helps you to build-up your cashflow.
The 22 Dividends app is not a research tool for finding new stocks to invest in. There are several very good web sites out there that fulfil this task.
Currently, supports US stock exchanges. Our goal is to cover the mayor stock exchanges world wide. We are working on it!

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Dividend Events and Calendar

As dividend investor you want to be up-to-date with the upcoming dividend ex- and paydays of the stocks in your portfolio. The 22 Dividends app provides you a compact list of upcoming events. Moreover, it can notify you about received payments and upcoming dividend ex-dates.

Track dividend ex- and paydays. Get notifications on paydays about the received cash.

The dividend calendar breaks down your portfolio’s cash flow per stock and month. Each row represents a stock in your portfolio and the columns the months of a selected year. The summary column and row aggregate all received dividends for a certain month or stock. The calendar also predicts payments for the current year based on the portfolio.

The dividend calendar breaks down your yearly received dividends per month and the stocks in your portfolio.

The app also offers the possibility to visualise your monthly income in a bar chart. The chart also visualises the 12-month average income. Thus, you can watch your income grow! You can export and share the chart as image.

Monthly dividend income visualized as bar chart (click to zoom).

Manage Your Transactions

After you entered your buy and sell transactions the app visualises the transactions in the stock’s chart. Moreover, the app also visualises the average price per share you payed.

Your buy and sell transactions are visualized in the stock’s chart.

The app also visualises the historic dividend yield at the time you executed a buy transaction as well as the dividend increases since then. As dividend investor it is very motivating to see your yield on cost increase over time!

Monitor your Stock Positions

The beauty of dividend investing is that you don’t have to pay much attention to the daily noise and volatility in the stock market. The portfolio screen provides you compact and noise-free summary for each of your stock positions that let you focus on the important things.

Following views are currently supported:

  • Cash Flow: The cash flow view shows the current dividend amount per year, the yield on cost (YOC) of your stock position, the average start yield without dividend increases, as well as the current yield at market price.
  • Value Gain: The value gain view shows the current market share price, the value appreciation of your stock position, and the average price per share you payed. The 52 week min/max bar visualises where the shares are currently trading in comparison to the recent year.
The portfolio screen supports different views to provide you a quick overview of your portfolio.

The app uses a so called “Dividend Watch” to visualise the time between the previous and the next paydays of a stock. The blue dot represents today and moves clockwise. The center depicts a countdown in days until the next payday. The dividend ex-day is visualised as a grey line.

The “Dividend Watch” visualises the time between two dividend payments.
The 52 week min/max bar shows the current share price in relation to the share price range of the previous 52 weeks.

Track your Portfolio Performance

The Overview screen summarises your portfolio and provides several charts to analyse the development of your portfolio over time. The Costs screen

Following information is provided:

  • 12 Month Average Income Chart: This chart visualises your monthly dividend income and the trailing 12 month average. You can also select previous years to see your progress.
  • Portfolio Summary: The portfolio summary shows values like your overall dividend income per year, your portfolio YOC, the buy and market value of your portfolio, as well as the overall value gain.
  • Buy/sell Volume Chart: The buy/sell chart aggregates the made buy/sell transactions per months. So, you can easily track your purchase and sell behaviour over time.
  • Portfolio Composition Pie Chart: This chart depicts the size each stock position in percent of your portfolio.
  • Stock Sector Pie Chart: The sector chart shows the stock sectors you are invested in.

One often neglected aspect are transaction costs. The 22 Dividends app analyses your average transaction size, the average transaction cost, as well as the transaction costs for each stock in your portfolio.

Synchronize your Transactions with Google Sheets

Google Sheets is Google’s Excel-like spreadsheet application. It is linked to your Google account and cloud-based. If you already manage your stock transactions in Excel or you want to import a larger number of transactions you can import those transactions into the 22 Dividends app from a spreadsheet in your Google Sheets account.

Synchronize your stock transactions with a Google Sheets spreadsheet document.

If you entered the stock transactions manually into the app you can export the transactions to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can also use this functionality as a back-up of your data.

Closed Stock Positions

The 22 Dividends app also analyses your closed stock positions. A closed stock position is a position where you sold all shares. If you open the position again by buying shares again the app counts it as a new position. Analysing your past trades helps you recognise committed errors and to improve in the future.

The history screen shows a summary of closed stock positions.

More Features

The 22 Dividends app has even more features to discover. Here is a short summary:

Share with Buddies: The app enables you to share your transaction charts with your buddies. So, you can easily discuss your trades with friends.

Multiple Currencies: You can specify a display currency in which all currencies will be converted for displaying (e.g. USD, EUR, YEN, CHF, GBP, etc.). In the near future we will offer managing currencies, Bitcoin, and gold positions in your portfolio.

Shopping List: Create a list of stocks that you want to watch.


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The 22 Dividends app is available in the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store: