Which platforms are supported by 22 Dividends?

The 22 Dividends app is available for

  • Android: min. android version 5.0 (API level 21)
  • iOS: min. iOS version 10.0

Currently, the app is not especially adapted to large screens (e.g. tablets).

In the future, we aim on supporting tablets as well as MacOS.

Do you support ETFs?

Currently, the 22 dividends app does not support ETFs.

In order to support ETFs we have to make some internal extensions to the app first.

Is my favorite stock in 22 Dividends?

Currently, our data sources cover mainly US stocks traded on the main stock exchanges. More exotic stocks like ADRs might lack dividend information.

Currently, we support following stock exchanges:

NYS, NYSE, XNYSNew York Stock Exchange
XASE, USAMEXNYSE American Equities Exchange
XNMSNASDAQ Global Market
XNCMNASDAQ Capital Market
Supported stock exchanges and their symbols.

Our goal is to support the mayor stock exchanges around the world. Please be patient!