Release Notes Version 1.6.0

We just released version 1.6.0 of the 22 Dividends app for iOS and Android. We also recorded a video that introduces the new features:


Transaction Browser

The biggest change is the replacement of the history screen with a transaction browser.

The new transaction browser for managing your stock transactions.

The transaction browser provides you an overview of all your stock transactions. You can filter transactions for year and/or stock. The transaction browser also allowed us to get rid of the “empty” positions of the portfolio screen which were confusing to new users.

New Tap-Gestures

You can now use the double-tap gesture to open stock positions and transactions. Moreover, you can use a long-tap on the transaction browser to select a certain stock as filter.

Improved Help

We use icons to indicate the ‘flavor’ of a transaction (e.g. average down/up). If you tap the flavor-icon you now get an explication of the different transaction types.

Redesigned Search and Transaction Editor

We redesigned the stock search page and the page for editing transaction details. Besides the search bar the search screen now shows a quick selection list that allows you to create transactions for a stock of your portfolio without searching the stock.


We also incorporated many technical updates.

The 22 Dividends app is available for:

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