Release Notes Version 1.8.2

We just published version 1.8.2 of the 22 Dividends app. We fixed and improved several minor issues. The biggest change was the improvement of the YOC and cashflow computations.


Display Currency

Users can now choose the Brazilian Real (BRL) as display currency. The display currency can be different from the currencies of the stock exchanges your stocks are traded at. The display currency is interesting for people who use other currencies than the USD in their everyday life.

New Transaction Flavor Icons

We updated two of the harvest and limit-loss flavor icons to better distinguish them:

Harvest: Sell shares with a gain. The position is not closed.
Limit-Loss: Sell shares with a loss. The position is not closed.

For more information on transaction flavors please see: Transaction Flavors.

Edit Transaction Page

The number fields of the edit transaction and new transaction pages are no longer limited to two decimal places.

Cashflow and YOC Computation

We improved the computation of the “yearly dividend per share” value.

The computations of the cashflow and YOC are based on the yearly dividend per share value. We will publish an extensive article which explains all internal calculations.

See also: dividend yield

Dividend Calendar Help Page

We added a help page to the dividend calendar page. The help page explains how the different values are computed and visualized.

Pay Day Help Page

We added a new help page to the pay day page. The help explains the new computation of the YOC values in different parts of the app.

See also: dividend yield


Display Currency

The display currency was not properly applied to the portfolio page.

Dividend Watch

The dividend watched showed a “n/a” label when the previous dividend was “too far” in the past and the next one was not yet announced.

Split-Adjustment of Dividends

There was an issue with the adjustment dividend payments to dividend splits when the split was “too long” in the past. We improved the update mechanism.

Dividend Calendar

The pay day icon that gets shown when a stock pays dividends was also shown for years in the past. Now, it should only appear for the current year.

The 22 Dividends app is available for:

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The second part dives into dividend growth investing and shows how it gets close to the perfect retirement strategy.

The author also explains concepts like dividend yield and dividend growth as well as how dividend reinvestment fueles the exponential growth of your dividend cashflow.

The final part discusses how to put the dividend growth investing strategy into practise.

We recommend you this book if you are new to dividend growth investing. It also helps you to understand the concepts implemented in the 22 Dividends app.

The book is compact: you should be able to finish it easily on a weekend.

Nathan offers the book as free PDF on his homepage. If you want to support the author as well as us you can use the affiliate link to Amazon where you can find an ebook as well as a paperback version.

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Release Notes Version 1.8.0


DRIP transactions

The app now supports a third type of stock transaction: Dividend ReInvestment Plan (DRIP) transactions.

DRIP transactions can be used to explicitely tell the 22 Dividends app that you have reinvested dividends. This enables the app to calculate the performance gain caused by the reinvested dividends.

Using DRIP transactions is optional. You can also continue using ordinary BUY transactions instead. However, it limits the app’s possibility to estimate your correct dividend growth performance.

Please note: we will extend the performance charts for DRIP transactions in later versions. Meanwhile, you can already add your DRIP transactions.

Improved Dividend Prediction

The dividend calendar predicts future dividend payments. In earlier versions, dividends were predicted per month. Now, the dividend prediction is done per stock position. So, you can see whether you are entitled to a dividend payment in the calendar for each stock.

Predicted dividend payments are visualised in gray italic text.

Moreover, we also improved the prediction of the future dividend value.


We improved many many smaller details. For example, dialogs have no a common heading, we adapted the colors of the date/time dialogs to the application, we incorporated a new book recommendation, book recommendations have now an improved layout, etc.


We fixed many smaller bugs.

The 22 Dividends app is available for:

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