Release Notes Version 1.7.1


Dividend Composition Pie Chart

We added a new pie chart that allows you to analyse the composition of your dividend income stream. It depicts the percentage each stock contributes to your current yearly dividend income.

The new ‘Dividends’ tab with the dividend composition pie chart.

Shopping List Events Optional

You can now switch-off the display of dividend events of shopping list items in the settings menu.

New menu in the app’s settings.


We fixed a number of bugs:

  • System text size scale got fixed
  • Improved handling of special dividends
  • Fixed sort order of history view
  • Fixed transaction browser year filter bug
  • Fixed problem with pay day icon in the calendar view
  • Stock quick selection grid is now scrollable
  • Fixed bug in refresh functionality
  • Improved dividend income prediction

The 22 Dividends app is available for:

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