The 22 Dividends app is dedicated to dividend investors. Here is an overview of the most powerful features:

  • Portfolio Management: Always have an overview of the current market yield, the yearly dividend income, value appreciations, etc. of your stocks.
  • Dividend Calendar: Keep track of pay days and dividend ex days. The app highlights dividend increases and decreases. Moreover, you will be notified on pay and ex days.
  • Import/Exports Google Sheets: How to get your transaction data into the 22 Dividends app? You can just import it from Google Sheets or type them in manually. The app also support the export to Google Sheets.
  • Analysis: The 22 Dividends app helps you to analyze your portfolio and transactions. Currently, the app analyses transaction costs and visualized stock sectors. More features will come soon!
  • Share with Buddies: The app enables you to share transaction charts with your buddies. So, you can easily discuss your trades with friends.
  • Multiple Currencies: You can specify a display currency in which all currencies will be converted for displaying (e.g. USD, EUR, YEN, CHF, GBP, etc.). In the near future we will offer managing currencies positions in your portfolio.