User Interface

In this chapter we provide a basic overview of the user interface of the 22 Dividends app.

Main Screens

The 22 Dividends app has four main pages:

The four main screens of the 22 Dividends app: Overview, Portfolio, Shopping List, and Transaction Browser. You can scroll left/right from page to page.

Following pages are available:

App Bar

All four main screens have an app bar that provides you access to additional functionality.

Layout of the app bar.

Following elements are shown:

  • Side Menu: The side menu (drawer) provides you access to settings and configuration of the 22 Dividends app. It also provides an im- and exporter.
  • Page Title: The title of the respective page.
  • Additional Buttons: At the right to the page you can find additional buttons for the specific page.
  • Page Menu: The right-most button is the page menu. It gives you access to additional pages (see below)

Side Menu (Drawer)

The drawer menu provides you access to additional functionality that is not directly required to manage your portfolio.

The side menu.

Following options are available:

  • Pro Version: This menu item leads you to the page that allows you to manage your subscription status.
  • Academy: Education is important for your success as dividend investor. We want to provide you the tool and the knowledge required.
  • Im-/Export: You can import/export your stock transactions from/to Google Sheets.
  • Settings: This menu provides you access to the settings of the 22 Dividends app.
  • Help: A page with links to other sources that might help you with the 22 Dividends app.
  • About: All technical and legal information about this app.

Page Menu

The page menu can be access from the main screens by tapping the button in the upper-right corner.

The page selection menu.

The menu consists of two sections.

The lower half gives you quick access to the four main pages we already introduced.

The upper half provides access to additional pages with additional functionality.

Currently, following pages are available:

  • Paydays: Shows all upcoming dividend ex- and paydays for your stocks.
  • Calendar: A powerful calendar that depicts all dividend payments of your portfolio.
  • Costs: Analyze the transaction costs of your portfolio.
  • Cashflow: This page renders a chart of your dividend income.
  • Reports: Powerful reports for your portfolio and individual stock positions.
  • History: View a summary of your closed stock positions.