Transaction Editor

Stock transaction are the core concept of the 22 Dividends app.

The transaction editor can be used to

  • create new transactions
  • edit existing transactions

In the following we provide an overview of the functionality.

Transaction Type

Transaction type selection example.

The 22 Dividend app supports three different transaction types:

  • Buy: Buy shares of a certain stock.
  • Sell: Sell shares of a certain stock position.
  • DRIP: A DRIP transaction is a buy transaction that tells the app that you reinvested received dividends.

Dividend ReInvestment Plan (DRIP) transactions are optional. Instead you can also use ordinary buy transactions. However, using DRIP transactions enables the 22 Dividends app to better analyse your performance.

Transaction Date/Time

Date/time field.

The execution date and time of a transaction is defined in the format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm.

If you have only one transaction of the same stock on the same day it is sufficient that you only define the transaction date without the time.

The reason is that the app has to know the execution order of the transactions. If you have two transactions of the same stock on the same day with only the date the app cannot tell which one was executed first. Thus, you have to additionally define the execution time.

Price per Share

Price per share field.

The price per share is in the currency of the stock exchange.

Number of Share

The number of shares field.

The number of bought or sold shares. The app supports fractional shares.

Transaction Costs

The transaction costs field.

The costs charged by your broker for executing the transaction.

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