Transaction Browser

The core funcionality of the 22 Dividends app is to manage your stock transaction data. All other functionality of the app builds on top of it.

The transaction browser screen offers following functionality:

  • browse all your stock transactions
  • filter stock transactions by company and/or year
  • edit existing stock transactions
  • delete stock transactions
  • create new stock transactions

Stock Transaction Card

Each stock transaction is represented by a transaction card that displays all important information:

Ticker Symbol

The official ticker symbol of the stock as used by the stock exchange.

Execution Date/Time

The execution date and time of a transaction is displayed in the format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm.

The execution date is required while the time is optional. It is only required if there is more than one transaction for the same stock and day. The app has to know which transaction comes first.

Stock Exchange

The 22 Dividends app internaly uses Market Identifier Codes (MICs) to identify stock exchanges.

If you only use the app to add and manage your stock transactions you don’t have to worry about the stock exchange.

If you use the import/export functionality the app allows you to use more common symbols for stock exchanges in your Google Sheets spreadsheets.

The FAQ page has an overview of all supported stock exchange symbols.

Transaction Type

The 22 Dividends app supports three types of transactions:

  • Buy: a transaction to buy shares of a company
  • Sell: a transaction to sell shares of a company
  • DRIP: a transaction to reinvest received dividends

A Dividend ReInvestment Plan (DRIP) transaction explicitely tells the 22 Dividends app that you reinvested dividends you received.

DRIP transactions are optional. You can also use simple buy transactions. However, this will limit the app’s possibility to analyse your dividend growth performance.

Transaction Flavor

The 22 Dividend app classifies your stock transactions into different types – so-called transaction flavors.

If you want to learn more about transaction flavors we refer you to following article.

Transaction flavors of the 22 Dividends app.

Number of Shares

The number of bought or sold shares. The app can handle fractional number of shares.

Price per Share

The price per share of the transaction in the currency of the stock exchange.


The transaction costs in the currency of the stock exchange.

Year and Month Filters

If you have large numbers of stock transactions in the 22 Dividends app you want to view or edit them you want to use filters.

The upper part of the transaction browser offers you two options to filter your stock transactions:

Year Filter

The year filter allows you to only show transactions executed in a certain year.

Transactions of other years won’t be displayed.

The year filter can be combined with the stock filter.

All year entries in the drop-down menu that don’t have transactions for the selected stock will be shown as light gray text.

Stock Filter

The stock filter allows you to only show transactions for a certain stock.

Transactions of other stocks won’t be displayed.

The stock filter can be combined with the year filter.

All stock entries in the drop-down menu without transactions for the selected year will be shown as light-gray text.

Tap Gestures

There are two tap gestures on transaction cards.

Edit Transaction

You can double-tap a transaction card to open the transaction editor.

Set Stock Filter

You can long-tap a transaction card to set the transaction’s stock as stock filter.

If the stock filter is already set it will release the stock filter and set it to ‘All’.

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