How to get your transaction data into the 22 Dividends app?

You can just import your transaction data from Google Sheets or type them in manually.

Hint: We have a tutorial that explains in detail how to import your stock transactions.

Following data is stored for a transaction:

  • Stock Symbol: symbol of the stock affected by the transaction
  • Stock Exchange: you can either specify a stock exchange (e.g. NYS, NASDAQ, etc.) or you can specify the region (e.g. US, UK, DE, etc.)
  • Transaction Type: whether it is a BUY or SELL transaction
  • Number of Stocks: the number of sold/bought shares
  • Price per Share: the price per share of this transaction
  • Transaction Costs: the costs for executing the transaction
  • Transaction Date: the date the transaction was executed (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm)