Data Policy

The protection of your data is important to us, and we take it seriously. Please read our data policy below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Google Sheets

The “22 Dividends” app offers you the possibility to import or export your stock transactions from/to Google Sheets. The following data is processed: the login to Google Sheets requires your Google username and password. The app reads out the file names in your Google Sheets account to provide you the possibility to choose a file for import or export. During import, we read your stock transaction data from a spreadsheet document with a predefined format. For example, the software reads data such as the stock symbol, the stock exchange, the transaction type, the number of shares, the price per share, or the transaction costs. During export, the transaction data stored in the ’22 Dividends’ app is written to a user-defined Google Sheets spreadsheet. We don’t process data that is not required for fulfilling the app’s tasks. The transferred data is encrypted. We do not transfer or disclose your information to third parties for purposes other than the ones provided. The use of Google Sheets is optional.


If you no longer want to use the app you can delete it from your device. The stored application and user data (e.g. stock transactions, watch lists, settings) will also be deleted. The documents in your Google Sheets account related to this software won’t be deleted.


In order to evaluate the usage of our software we use anonymous usage data. It helps us to recognize performance issues and see which features are actually used. When you this software your device automatically sends certain information to our analytics partner Google Analytics. The information gathered information includes, for example, the device type, the session length, and interactions with various user interface elements (buttons). We also collect anonymized statics about the users such as the number of transactions or stocks. This helps us to recognize performance issues.

The analytics data collected is anonymous and is not personal data. At the first startup of the app, we generate a random unique identifier that does not contain any personal information and cannot be used to uncover any such information.

Questions Concerning our Data Consent Policy

If you have any questions concerning our usage of personal data please contact us. We don’t sell your personal data to 3rd parties. Thank you for your trust!

Owner and Data Controller

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Warwas, PH Cali, Av Manuel E. Batista, Panamá, Panamá

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The Data Consent was last updated on 2023/09/02.