As a dividend investor you want to keep track of and analyze the development of your portfolio. The 22 Dividends app makes this very easy!

Dividend Cash Flow

The 22 Dividends app helps you to keep track of your monthly dividend payments. It is extremely motivating to see your income grow over the months and years. The app visualizes the monthly received dividends as well as the 12 month average income.

You can also export and share your dividend history. Here is an example:

Example export of dividend cash flow (click to enlarge).

Analyze Transaction Costs

Investors often forget to keep track of costs. The 22 Dividends app visualizes the transaction costs of your portfolio in a certain year or over the entire period.

Example transaction costs analysis.

The app computes the absolute as well as relative transaction costs. Moreover, you get an overview of the number of transactions and the average transaction size in the selected period.